^Spark^ and ^Kitty Girl^ together forever

All about ^Spark^

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All about ^Spark^
All about ^Kitty Girl^
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"A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way."


^Spark^ came to our family Nov. 28, 2002...  Was only to be with us a short while...  He was our first foster Golden.....  But once we saw that beautiful fur and those eyes, we couldn't bring ourselfs to send him to another new family.
  So ^Spark^ became my husband's Christmas present  that year..
We lost my beautiful baby boy March 30,2009. Hemangiosarcoma took my ^Spark^...way to early...at the young age of seven.

^Spark^ the lover with his Daddy

This picture below was taken right after ^Spark^ came to us... It was almost his first day that we found out how much he loves his blankies...   First he went and stole ^Tucker^ blanket dragging it down the hall to lay with... Through out years blankies came and went...   ^Spark^ would throw it about, wrestles with it...then get a big mouth full and go sound to sleep...



Here is a few videos of our baby boy

My last video of My Spark

Spark with his Wubba...

Spark giving me LOVE


   ^Spark^ carried two tennis balls every where. As you can see they were always one on top of the other one...  If you wanted to play caught you needed two balls one to show ^Spark^ so he would drop the one in his mouth...  No second ball there is no way he would let go of that ball....he'd bury his head in the grond...in your leg...in the sofa...  I smile at the momory when ever I think of it...


^Spark^ was a lover. He always wanted on my lap,once up there he would lay his head on my face. I'd be buried in his fur begging for a breath...  if he couldn't get in my lap...then he would put his front feet on my lap and bury his head in my chest.....